• joe2456001

    This article discussed some real issues with galvos, which are omitted by some galvos manufacturers.

  • Michael Shamberger

    Great information. As I shop for a galvo system, there are some parameters that I do not understand how it would affect the printing. These are input aperature and beam displacement that are in the specifications for each galvo. Can you discuss these in your article?

  • Good point. We will quantify the errors in relation to a 3d print.

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  • I added a section addressing the input aperture to the galvanometer. please note: beam displacement is indirectly effected by the input aperture as well.
    I don’t know much about your application (bed size, print speed, laser energy, laser beam quality etc). But in general in you want to keep the galvos running below 12 degrees to make sure that it is running within the linear error spec.

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    Charles Bibas