Founder at Tecnica, Inc. - Managed the development team who implemented the Lens Free Galvanometer Scanner (LFGS) Mr. Bibas holds more than a dozen worldwide patents in the field of 3D printing. And hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE). from the Technion. Israel.

Tecnica patent certificate

The Brazilian patent office granted a patent for its Tecnica3D SLS/SLM print head technology

Great Neck, NY – September 1, 2019, The Brasilian Patent Office – On August 27, 2019, granted patent number BR112017026606-7 to Tecnica for its laser print head system. The patent further secured Tecnicas’ Intellectual Property worldwide. The new printing method will help produce inexpensive and fast SLS/SLM printers. Tecnica is breaking away from the 40-year-old…