Optima 3D Printer


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Specifications for Optima:

  • Feeding cartridge is used to handle multiple materials.
  • Prints material as Aluminum, Fe, Fe-0.8C, Fe-4Cu, Fe–0.8C–4Cu–0.4P 316L, M2 (tungsten–molybdenum), M35 ( tungsten–molybdenum-cobalt), Titanium,  Nylon and more.
  • The optima is using a high powered laser controlled by patented process surpassing printing speed by more than 4X of other 3D printers in the market.
  • Saves print material by providing an option to chose your print bed ( 75x75x200 mm or 400x300x280 mm)
  • By using a three case design and a removable print bed case, recycling of powder and retrieving of the printed models makes it easy and quick.
  • The optima printer monitors oxygen, argon, powder, temperature and pressure at all times.

The CASA Desktop printer print volume is 92x92x150 mm and prints non-metal material. Both the Optima and CASA printer use the Titan Print-head.

The illustration and specifications above are part of our product definition.Tecnica reserves the right to change the design and specification at any time.

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Here at Tecnica, we have developed a high-speed SLS printhead that operates on a fundamentally different optical system than our competitors. By creating an alternative to traditional optical systems that still use Galvanometers, we have successfully bypassed the distortion issues while vastly improving the resolution and print speed. The patented technology improves precision and print speed by using a constant high-speed beam movement such that the laser hits the print bed with constant intensity. This draws a stark contrast with legacy systems in which the speed and energy delivered to the sintered material are not constant, thereby creating a gradient in resolution as well as strength.


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