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We design and build 3D printers and print heads utilizing HDLS™/HDLM™

We’re a HDLS/HDLM (High Definition selective Laser Sintering / High Definition selective Laser Melting) 3D printing technology company.  

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, creates a physical object from a digital model by building it up in a series of layers. Selective Laser Sintering/melting are types of 3D printing in which a laser is used to fuse powdered plastic or metal to form a solid structure.  It’s been widely used in prototyping but problems limit its adoption in manufacturing end-use parts.  

The core of our technology is our revolutionary multi-patented printhead, utilizing the Lens Free Optical Scanner (LFOS) also know as  the Øgon (zero-gon  for resembling a polygon with 0 corners), which enables pinpoint accuracy and precise energy and temperature regulation. 

Using the Øgon, we design and build HDLS/HDLM 3D printers that we believe are able to produce consistent, robust parts with the speed and cost efficiency required for manufacturing end-use parts, not just prototyping.

We’ve already built a prototype print head and printer that prove the feasibility of our innovative design. Now we’re perfecting our HDLS printer for thermoplastic nylon, which is widely used across industries. We’re also starting to work on our HDLM printer for metal.


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An entirely new print head design

For the last four decades, all SLS/SLM 3D printer manufacturers have used the same core technology – galvanometers – to steer the laser beam across the print surface. Galvanometers have inherent flaws that make it impossible to precisely control the amount of energy supplied to each point on the print surface. This makes surface temperature hard to control, which results in parts that are porous and not internally homogeneous. In particular, high-quality metal parts, which require very precisely controlled print temperature, are still out of reach with the current technology.

Tecnica’s 3D printers use our revolutionary, multi-patented Øgon print head instead of galvanometers to steer the laser beam across the print surface.  Unlike galvanometers, the Øgon’s architecture ensures consistent energy delivery and precise positioning of the laser beam on the surface because of its unique properties:

    • The laser beam always travels the same distance to reach every point on the print surface, so it is always sharply in focus, heating exactly the desired point on the surface without unintentionally heating the area around it.
    • The laser beam is always perpendicular to the surface, so the shape of the beam on the surface is not distorted. (Think of shining a flashlight at a wall straight on versus at an angle.)

With the Øgon’s pinpoint accuracy and precise energy and temperature regulation, we believe we can achieve the consistent high quality, homogeneity, and strength that product designers require for final-part production, especially in metal.

Because the simple, elegant design of Tecnica’s Øgon print head eliminates the need for the complex workarounds used by galvanometers, it provides a more robust and cost-effective solution. We believe Tecnica’s printers will offer the productivity and cost efficiencies that meet supply chain managers’ requirements for final parts.