Tecnica received third US patent for its SLS print head

Great Neck, NY – September 23, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office -USPTO granted patent number 10,416,444 On September 17, 2019, to Tecnica for its laser print head system. This third patent granted by the USPTO to Tecnica is for its 3D printing technology.

tecnica US patent 3
US patent 10,416,444

The new printing method, housed in the CASA SLS Printer breaks away from the 30-year-old technology. Tecnica developed a printer that blows the competition away by filling the vast price void created by the other 3D printing companies. Offering a professional-grade SLS 3D printer at a starting price point below $20,000 with a powerful 25-watt laser, an internal cooling Peltier system, and a positive pressure airflow to allow printing in a pre-set temperature range.

Charles Bibas, CEO at Tecnica and Lead Project Engineer explains; ” The newest version of the Laser Beam Director focuses the laser with pinpoint precision to deliver highly accurate parts with optimal strength”.

The print process is monitored and controlled with a 10” high-resolution color touchscreen that lets you see your prints created in 3D. The display also monitors statistical information, including temperature, processed layer, elapsed printing time, and more. From its ease of use, automatic lock closing, to easy cleaning and maintenance, every detail is designed to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.

Aerospace, Automotive, NASA, and defense industries can benefit from the speed and accuracy of the Tecnica Laser print head technology, cutting down on print time while improving performance.
Schools and Universities, Manufacturers, Prototypers, Jewelers, and Designers can all afford a professional-grade 3D printer for a hobbyist price.



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