October 31, 2013 Tecnica story
Tecnica Founded

Tecnica is incorporated in Delaware

January 12, 2016 First US patent
US patent No: 9,233,507

Print bed leveling system

April, 2016 Prototype
Prototype model I-1




Casa I-1

Sep 6, 2016 Second US patent
US patent No:9,435,998

Beam director for steering a laser beam

Sep 18, 2016 Proof of concept
2D proof of concept for our second US patent

This POC validated beam steering with a production of a 2D print using crude mirrors

Aug, 2017 Prototype
Prototype model I-2
Casa 3D printer using Tecnica3D engine




Casa I-2

May 28, 2018 3D print proof of concept
3D proof of concept -printing of a disk



printing of a nylon disk 

May 20, 2019 First 3D print proof of concept
3D printing video

Youtube videohttps://youtu.be/mXn1fdH7TL0 of the printing in open frame mode 

September 17, 2019 Third US patent
US patent No:10,416,444

Beam director with improved optics

November 12, 2019 Fourth US patent
US patent No:10,473,915

Beam manipulation system

September 3, 2021 2nd paper accepted by the SFF
SFF symposium

The SFF committee accepted our paper following peers review. The SFF committee also recommended submissions of the paper to the JOM journal.   

Dec 13-15, 2021 3rd paper submitted
Speaking & presenting the Øgon at an SPIE affiliated conference

Charles Bibas is an invited speaker at the 1st international 3O SPIE affiliated conference introducing the Øgon Lens Free Optical Scanner (LFOS)

Q1 2022 Casa II is available
Casa II SLS desktop printer is available

Our desktop SLS 3D printer. Casa II is available to order. 

Feb 14, 2022 JOM Journal published our paper
Lens-Free Optical Scanners for Metal Additive Manufacturing

The Øgon for 3D metal printing is published by JOM Journal.